Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD)

The Red Hat® Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD) certification demonstrates an individual's ability to build Java™ Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications for deployment on the Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform or other JEE-compliant platforms. Employers can hire RHCJDs with confidence that they are qualified JEE developers who have proven their skills.

To become certified, an RHCJD will have demonstrated knowledge and skills of the tasks below:

  • Configure and create enterprise-ready web projects
  • Work with contexts (CDI)
  • Work with POJO/JEE components
  • Access and manage identity information through API
  • Work with web/JSF components and web navigation
  • Expose components to external and legacy interfaces
  • Create an authentication form

The following audiences may be interested in earning the Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD) certification:

  • JEE application developers

Recommended training for this certification

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