Cisco DevNet Training

What is DevNet?

Cisco DevNet is Cisco's developers programme and community that has a mission to drive industry and tech transformation on Cisco platforms. It has become the de facto way of maximizing ROI of Cisco software and services. With Intent-based networking, the digital transformation of an organisation is expedited by giving developers unprecedented access to Cisco software through robust APIs. Time to value metrics and business outcomes are realised through the developers’ abilities to create enterprise-ready applications. Acquiring Cisco DevNet expertise gives you the keys to unlock the full power of Cisco products and software now and in the future.

Agility is the power to build and deliver new services quickly and to rapidly pivot operating models when priorities change. Fast Lane segments Agility into three distinct, yet interdependent building blocks: Infrastructure Agility, Business Agility, and Competitive Advantage.


A business that is agile can pivot quickly in order to increase customer retention and capture new audiences. With business agility, organisations execute on practices of key new values and behaviors that ensure the adoption of needed transformation. Business agility is achieved once infrastructure agility has been adopted. Moving to centralised and automated control through operational agility not only drives transformation, but also allows individuals to be more creative and adaptive when complex disruptions occur.


Infrastructure agility through Cisco DevNet is the foundation needed to give developers and engineers the most conducive environment for rapid adjustment to predicted or unexpected disruptions. Infrastructure agility drives business agility, which then gives an organisation the ability to retain and sustain competitive advantages. Here a few Agile value chain benefits specific to digital network infrastructure:

  • Changes fixed cost (CapEx) to variable cost
  • Reduces front-end capacity planning and forecasting
  • Scales capacity on demand


Own Your Edge and Expand Your Edge are short but powerful taglines. Cisco DevNet tools empower customers and partners to tailor their solutions and services in subtle or dramatic ways in order to achieve market differentiation. For the most comprehensive considerations, differentiation needs to be taken to the utmost edge to reach 1:1 customer or massive target audiences.

DevNet Certifications

The DevNet certification programme validates the skills of software developers, DevOps engineers, automation specialists, and other software professionals. The programme validates key emerging technical skills for a new kind of IT professional, empowering organisations to embrace the potential of applications, automation, and infrastructure for the network, Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, and Webex.

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