Gigamon Training

As the only Global Premium Training Provider and exclusive content provider for Gigamon, Fast Lane is able to offer you security training on Gigamon’s products that provide active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic leading to improved security and optimized performance.

Education Offerings

Our education offerings enable clients to enhance their Security and Network Optimization expertise while simplifying their security architecture and operations. By offering courses specific to various roles, tasks and business outcomes, Fast Lane enables global scaling of knowledge on developing solutions quickly, effectively and securely.

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Students are encouraged to take the above courses in the same week. For example, attending GVFOC and GVFAI back-to-back is achieved by registering for the following bundle course at a 15% cost savings:

Gigamon Bundle

Introducing Gigamon Training Vouchers

Fast Lane is proud to announce the introduction to Gigamon Training Vouchers (GTVs). In cooperation with Gigamon, this new program supports both Gigamon’s Customers and Partners training needs with this pre-paid training voucher program. Valued at $100 USD per voucher, GTVs can be used to purchase authorized Gigamon training including standard Gigamon Courses as well as Consultative Gigamon Training solutions both offered by Fast Lane. The purchase of GTVs makes it easy to include and pay for valuable authorized Gigamon training at the time of the purchase of your Gigamon solutions.

Purchasing GTVs
You can purchase GTVs directly from Fast Lane in support of a solution purchase from Gigamon. If you are working with a Gigamon Channel Partner, they can now sell you GTVs which can be used to order and purchase authorized Gigamon training from Fast Lane.

Redeeming GTVs
To redeem GTVs, simply supply the order/invoice number that reflects the GTVs purchased to Fast Lane. To attend a 2-day Gigamon class typically priced at $1995 USD, 20 GTVs will be required. If you do not have enough GTVs to cover the purchase, you can supplement the difference via other acceptable means such as credit card, PO, etc.

To Learn More
Contact Fast Lane in Singapore via email at or call + 61 (3) 853944858 to learn more about purchasing and/or redeeming GTVs.

Customer Empowerment

Through our Gigamon training, you will learn about Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ and GigaSECURE®. This is the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform that allows you to deliver cutting-edge intelligence so that security, network and application performance management solutions operate more adequately and successfully. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to be confident in the thriving security industry.

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Managed Enablement™ Services

Fast Lane’s Managed Enablement™ services assist vendors and system integrators in bringing Security and Network Optimization solutions to market, providing a jump start to sales and deployment. These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, driving rapid Professional Services practice development for Gigamon’s partners.

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