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Microsoft Talent Programme

Qualification initiative against the skills shortage

Are you looking for Microsoft experts for your company? With the Microsoft Talent Programme, we offer you a tailored complete solution.

We search and recruit suitable talents for you and train them to become highly qualified and certified specialists within just three months.

The programme identifies, evaluates, educates, coaches, mentors, certifies, and if needed replaces a candidate. This ensures your investment yields precisely the certified, highly qualified cloud experts you are seeking.

Full-Service Package
  • Programme management
  • Talent identification and screening
  • Evaluation and matchmaking with future employer
  • Contractual recommendations and support
  • HR support and technical coaching
  • Premium education programme
  • Various Microsoft certifications up to expert level
  • Fast Lane Guarantee: If a candidate turns out not to be suitable, we will find and train a replacement at no additional cost.

Your Benefits

  • Qualified and certified cloud experts for your company - after many years of experience we can assess very precisely whether a talent can develop into the professional you are looking for within a short period of time. After just a few months, your well-trained new employees can be deployed directly in customer projects.
  • You gain loyal employees because you have invested extensively in their training and certification.
  • Compared to booking individual services (recruitment, multi-month training programme, certifications), you achieve significant cost savings with the talent programme. Recruitment fees are eliminated.
  • You significantly reduce the time you spend recruiting new talent.
  • You receive a guarantee of success if candidates complete the entire programme and have been evaluated by Fast Lane before the programme begins.

Programme Overview

Recruitment and preparation of candidates is followed by an evaluation class. After successful completion, a candidate has qualified for participation in our talent programmes and you can conclude a corresponding employment contract with him or her. We then prepare the candidates optimally for their future fields of work in several training blocks in the training paths of your choice.

Learning Paths: Azure Infrastructure, Azure Data & AI, Power Platform

Microsoft Certifications

All programme participants prove the acquired knowledge by certifications, we even guarantee the successful completion.

*Development Focus
**Security Focus

*Data Focus
**AI Focus

*Consultancy Focus
**Development Focus

Hybrid Learning Methodology

  • Pre-class self-study resources
  • Self-paced modules (E-Learning)
  • Individual mentoring for the whole duration of the programme
  • Test preparation and assessments
  • Certification tests with reviews and re-testing
  • Microsoft trainings on advanced topics (classroom, live online, hybrid)
  • Reporting and monitoring

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