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Cisco Learning Virtual Classroom Instruction (CLVCI)

Cisco WebEx Virtual Classroom Instructors have the ability to prepare and manage a virtual classroom environment and effectively use collaboration tools, such as those provided in WebEx, to maximize student participation and comprehension. Skilled virtual instructors can improve their teaching effectiveness and increase student satisfaction. Certification validates a specialized set of instructor skills, can expand an instructor's employment opportunities, and serves as a differentiator to prospective students. Certification on the Cisco WebEx platform is highly transferable to other conferencing and collaboration platforms.


No prerequisites are required; however, a working knowledge of conferencing and collaboration tools, such as those found in Cisco WebEx Training Center, is necessary. Explore the Cisco WebEx University catalog for free self-paced or more comprehensive instructor-led courses on WebEx services.

Recommended training for this certification

Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction


Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction


810-502 LVCI


830-506 LVCIP

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