Master Class: Configuration and Administration of Azure Stack Hub (ASDK) (AZSTACKHUB)


Course Overview

  • Introduction to Azure from the perspective of using a hybrid cloud
  • Installation, configuration and management of Azure Stack Hub in private / hybrid cloud operation.
  • In this course, IT professionals will learn how to manage their Azure subscriptions, secure identities, manage infrastructure, configure virtual networks, connect Azure and on-premises sites, manage network traffic, implement storage solutions, create and scale virtual machines, back up and share data, and monitor your solution.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at administrators whose job it is to implement, manage and monitor private / hybrid cloud products.


  • Azure subscription (Azure LAB environment, provided by Fastlane for the course)
  • Creation of the Azure Stack Deployment Kit (ASDK) by subscription
  • Professional experience with Windows client operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10
  • Initial experience with Windows server systems is an advantage
  • Basic knowledge and experience in the operation of client-server environments
  • Understanding of basic network technologies such as IP addressing, name resolution and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and virtualization around Hyper-V Recommendation
  • Initial knowledge of the public cloud "Azure" is helpful (recommended attendance of courses AZ-900 and AZ-104)

Course Content

Introduction to Azure - ACS/ARM, Governance and Compliance and Identity
  • Introduction to the terms Azure Resource Management and Azure AD (Identity)
  • Set up a subscription to use the Azure Marketplace (Azure subscription / Azure LAB environment, provided by Fastlane for the course)
  • Management tools for Azure (VScode, Azure Storage Explorer, Azure Data Studio)
  • Configuration of the Azure PowerShell
  • Authentication and authorization in Azure and Azure Stack Hub
Azure Administration - Infrastruktur as a Service in Azure (IaaS)
  • Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Azure Virtual Networks
  • Configuration and management of Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Stack HUB und Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK)
  • What is Azure Stack HUB
  • Azure Stack HUB with ADFS (private cloud)
  • Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK)
Installation, configuration and management of Azure Stack HUB (ASDK)
  • Preparation and installation of the ASDK
  • Installation Azure Stack PowerShell-Module
  • Commissioning of the ASDK (Admin and Service Portal)
  • Registering in the Azure Marketplace and using the Marketplace
  • Plan, Offer und Subscription
  • Check and customize Azure VM creation
Azure Stack HUB (ASDK) and the Hybrid Cloud object model
  • Introduction to important tools for the administration and use of the Azure Stack Hub
  • Use of the management tools around Azure (VScode, Azure Storage Explorer)
  • Resource creation using Azure Resource Manager Templates (ARM)
  • Creation processes with Azure Stack PowerShell and ARM templates

Optional (depending on time requirements):

  • Adding the App Service to the Azure Stack HUB as a Platform as a Service
Manage, monitor and maintain Azure Stack HUB (ASDK)
  • Monitoring
  • Backup

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

5 days

  • on request
Classroom Training

5 days

  • on request

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Online Training Time zone: India Standard Time (IST) Course language: English
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This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.