Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management. Encryption (008.11.6)


Who should attend

The course is aimed at Microsoft Windows system administrators, security experts and administrators, technical support, and presale engineers.


  • Basic Windows administrator skills.
  • Knowledge of Kaspersky Security Center and Kaspersky Endpoint Security and skills acquired from training course KL 002. Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management.

Course Objectives

This course describes how to protect data using encryption tools implemented in Kaspersky Security Center 13 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.6. The course consists of the theoretical part and labs. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to plan deployment of encryption, monitor the results and ensure seamless work with encrypted data throughout the company.

The theoretical part of the course and hands-on labs provide students with knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Enable encryption on computers
  • Manage encryption of computers and removable drives
  • Recover access to encrypted data if something goes wrong

Course Content

1. Introduction
2. Full Disk Encryption
  • 2.1. Principles of Full Disk Encryption
  • 2.2. Using the FDE Test Utility
  • Lab 1. Using FDE_Precheck to check if a machine can be encrypted
  • 2.3. Enabling Full Disk Encryption
  • 2.4. Specifics of the Authentication Agent
  • 2.5. Managing Authentication Agent accounts
  • Lab 2. Preparation and enabling encryption
  • 2.6. Recovering system access
  • 2.7. Data recovery
  • 2.8. Using FDERT
  • 2.9. Updating the software
  • Lab 3. Recovering access
3. BitLocker encryption
  • 3.1. What BitLocker is
  • 3.2. Managing BitLocker with KSC tools
  • 3.3. Device health check
  • 3.4. Recovering access
  • Lab 4. Encrypting a drive using BitLocker
4. Encryption of files and folders
  • 4.1. Principles of File Level Encryption
  • 4.2. Enabling File Level Encryption
  • Lab 5. Enabling File Level Encryption
  • 4.3. Exchanging encrypted files
  • 4.4. Data recovery when KSC is inaccessible
  • Lab 6. Exchanging data with other users
5. Encryption of removable drives
  • 5.1. Overview of available solutions
  • 5.2. Full Disk Encryption
  • 5.3. Encrypting individual files
  • 5.4. Portable mode
  • 5.5. Recovering access
  • Lab 7. Using removable drives in portable mode

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This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.