A+ Hardware and Software support for trainees (including test voucher) (N215A)


Who should attend

This seminar is aimed at trainees of commercial vocations and the new IT occupations that inter alia the want to acquire knowledge and would like to complete the certification for A + Certified Professional.


Students need only basic computer skills . Experience in dealing with keyboard and mouse should be available.

Course Objectives

In this hands-on course, you acquire essential knowledge for installation and troubleshooting PC hardware of all kinds . In addition, you gain knowledge and skills that are required to support Windows and simple networks. According to the weighting of the certification exam you deal in this course to 10% with MacOS X to 75 % with Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 and to 15 % with simple networks . The examination fee for the completion of the necessary tests for the A + certification are in the seminar included ( each part examination once ).

Course Content

  • Introduction to Computer - Theory
  • Fundamentals of Electronic Communications
  • Hardware components: processor, power supply, motherboard and BIOS ROM, memory, expansion buses, cables and connectors
  • Basic drives and advanced drive technologies
  • Display systems (monitors, flat screen monitors, graphic cards )
  • Printers, portable computers
  • Telecommunications: Modems and the Internet
  • Wait of the modern computer (hardware configuration)
  • Upgrading a computer (hardware configuration)
  • Problem-solving techniques in Windows, basic knowledge for electricity
  • Optimizing MS Windows, troubleshooting MS Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Networking Basics and PC Support
Online Training

Duration 10 days

Classroom Training

Duration 10 days


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