Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.4.2 for Linux: Administration (ISSLA)

Detailed Course Outline

Storage Foundation Basics

Virtual Objects

  • Operating system storage devices and virtual data storage
  • Volume Manager storage objects
  • VxVM volume layouts and RAID levels

Creating a Volume and File System

  • Preparing disks and disk groups for volume creation
  • Creating a volume and adding a file system
  • Displaying disk and disk group information
  • Displaying volume configuration information
  • Removing volumes, disks, and disk groups

Working with Volumes with Different Layouts

  • Volume layouts
  • Creating volumes with various layouts
  • Allocating storage for volumes

Making Configuration Changes

  • Administering mirrored volumes
  • Resizing a volume and a file system
  • Moving data between systems
  • Renaming VxVM objects

Administering File Systems

  • Benefits of using Veritas File System
  • Using Veritas File System commands
  • Logging in VxFS
  • Controlling file system fragmentation
  • Using thin provisioning disk arrays

Storage Foundation Managing Devices Dynamic Multi-Pathing

  • Managing components in the VxVM architecture
  • Discovering disk devices
  • Managing multiple paths to disk devices

Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware

  • DMP in a VMware ESX/ESXi environment
  • Managing DMP for VMware
  • Performance monitoring and tuning

Resolving Hardware Problems

  • How does VxVM interpret failures in hardware?
  • Recovering disabled disk groups
  • Resolving disk failures
  • Managing hot relocation at the host level

Storage Foundation Cluster File System

  • CFS overview
  • CFS architecture
  • CFS communication

Cluster Volume Manager

  • VxVM and CVM overview
  • CVM concepts
  • CVM configuration

Cluster File System

  • Cluster File System concepts
  • Data flow in CFS
  • Group Lock Manager
  • Administering CFS

Flexible Storage Sharing

  • Understanding Flexible Storage Sharing
  • FSS storage objects
  • FSS case study
  • FSS configuration
  • FSS limitations

Disaster Recovery Overview

  • Disaster recovery
  • Benefits of a disaster recovery solution
  • Disaster recovery concepts
  • Veritas disaster recovery technology overview

Veritas File Replicator

  • Understanding Veritas File Replicator
  • Setting up replication for a Veritas file system
  • Error recovery with Veritas File Replicator

Veritas Volume Replicator

  • Defining replication
  • Replication options and technologies
  • Veritas Volume Replicator overview

Veritas Volume Replicator Components

  • Comparing volume replication and volume management
  • Volume Replicator components
  • Volume Replicator data flow