ONTAP SAN Implementation (SANIMP) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: ONTAP SAN Fundamentals

  • Implementing iSCSI, FCP, and FCoE SAN in ONTAP
  • SAN Architecture
  • IMT
  • SAN Scalability and Maximums

Module 2: ONTAP SAN Resource Provisioning

  • IP SAN Configurations
  • FC SAN Configurations
  • LUN Provisioning

Module 3: ONTAP iSCI Configuration Concepts

  • iSCSI Configuration Recommendations
  • iSCSI Feature Overview
  • iSCSI Configuration Workflow

Module 4: ONTAP FC Configuration Concepts

  • FC Configuration Recommendations
  • FC and FCoE Zoning
  • Cisco Switches
  • Brocade Switches

Module 5: High-Performance and Scalable Network Storage Using NVMe over Fabrics

  • NVMe
  • NVMe-oF
  • NVMe Integration into ONTAP

Module 6: Host Integration

  • Host Considerations
  • Windows Hosts
  • Linux and UNIX Hosts
  • LUN Offset

Module 7: Windows IP SAN Connectivity

  • Configuring a Windows Host for iSCSI
  • iSCSI Configuration

Module 8: Linux IP SAN Connectivity

  • Linux iSCSI Configuration
  • Linux iSCSI Implementation

Module 9: Windows FC SAN Connectivity

  • Configure a Windows Host for FC
  • Identify the WWNN and WWPN on a Windows Host
  • Implement and Verify Multipath FC Connectivity between a Windows Host and ONTAP Software

Module 10: Linux FC SAN Connectivity

  • Configure a Linux Host for FC
  • Identify WWPNs on a Linux Host
  • Implement and Verify Multipath FC Connectivity between a Linux Host and ONTAP Software