HCI Administration for VMware Administrators (HCI-VMADMIN) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: NetApp HCI Overview

  • NetApp HCI Features
  • NetApp HCI Platforms
  • Deploy a NetApp HCI System
  • Manage a NetApp HCI System

Module 2: Configure the NetApp HCI System and Deploy Workloads

  • Configure the NetApp HCI System
  • Create Workload Resources
  • Virtual Volumes
  • Deploy Workloads

Module 3: Monitor and Maintain the NetApp HCI System

  • NetApp HCI System Reporting
  • Management Node
  • Maintaining the NetApp HCI System

Module 4: Protect Workloads

  • Snapshots, Clones, and Backups
  • Real-Time Replication
  • SnapMirro Replication
  • Data Security

Module 5: Data Fabric Integrations and NetApp HCI Solutions

  • ONTAP Select on NetApp HCI
  • StorageGRID on NetApp HCI
  • NetApp HCI Solutions