CISCO Partner DNA Technical Workshop (DNATW)

Detailed Course Outline

Module-1: DNA Overview

  • DNA Overview
  • DNA Offers for Sellers Overview
  • DNA Sales Offers
  • Helping You Sell
  • Cisco APIC-EM

Module-2: DNA Secure WAN

  • Secure WAN Opportunity
  • Secure WAN
  • Branch Security for the WAN
  • Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License
  • Cisco Intelligent WAN and Akamai Connect
  • Cisco WAAS Components
  • Licensing

Module-3: APIC-EM Plug and Play

  • APIC-EM Plug and Play
  • Path Trace Application
  • EasyQoS on APIC-EM
  • APIC-EM/IWAN app
  • DNA Programmability

Module-4: DNA Secure Access – Wired

  • Secure Access Opportunity
  • Secure Access On-Premise Tech Deep Dive
  • Identity Services Engine
  • TrustSec Software-Defined: Segmentation with ISE
  • StealthWatch
  • Discovery
  • IOC: Policy and Segmentation
  • IOC: Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
  • Incident Response
  • DNA Virtual SE Workshop Meraki DNA Overview and Opportunity

Module-5: Meraki

  • Meraki DNA Overview and Opportunity
  • Meraki Portfolio Update
  • Meraki SD-WAN with MX!

Module-6: DNA Secure Access - Wireless

  • Secure Access Opportunity
  • DNA Secure Access Offer and Incentives
  • CMX & vBLE
  • Prime Infrastructure & ISE

Module-7: Secure Perimeter

  • Secure Perimeter Opportunity
  • Secure Perimeter Positioning
  • NFGW Key Features

Module-8: Cisco DNA Advisor Program

  • Cisco DNA Advisor Overview
  • Cisco DNA Readiness Advsor Customer Tool and Demo
  • Cisco DNA Readiness Planner Sales Tool and Demo
  • Sales Tool – Dynamic Report
  • What Cisco DNA Advisor Can Do For You

Module-9: Cisco Shogun

  • Cisco Shogun

Module-10: Scrimmage

  • Scrimmage - Break-out sessions to demo DNA Advisor Tools