IT-Forensik (ITF)

Course Description Schedule

Who should attend

  • IT-Security appointees
  • EDV Revisors
  • Members of Incident Response Teams
  • Participants of the Security/Hacking Curriculum


  • Basic knowledge about Microsoft Windows
  • Basic knowledge about datasystems (directories, files)
  • Knowledge about the commandrow (“DOS level”) are advantegous
  • Knowledge about the Security/Hacking Curriculum are advantegous

Course Objectives

Computer are well-established in our modern society. We entrust them with sensitive data and rely on accessing the data anytime. Unfortunately computer getting more and more abused by „Console-Cowboys“ who hack into external servers or by employees who want to get an advantage og knowledge. This course shows:

  • the right incident response techniques against computer abuse
  • how to identify possible evidence and to transport them appropriately
  • Which mechanisms log incidents and user activities in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • which programs were run on the computer
  • which files were edited at which time
  • how deleted data can be reconstructed

This product-neutral course contains various practical exercises and deals working techniques, processes and data structures. The knowlege learned in this course can be used in any commercial and non-commercial Forensik software.

Course Content

  • Incident Response Process as basis IT forensic
  • Behaviour at the a the crime scene
  • Workflow of a forensic analysis
  • Structure and workflow of hard disks
  • Partitions
  • Overview: Data systems
  • Analysis on Windows Computers
  • Data structures of the FAT data system
  • Overview: NTFS data systems
  • Protocol file in the registry
  • Evalutation of network traffic
  • Smart phones and PDAs
  • Market overview: Commercial Forensic software
  • Exploitation of won cognition
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 5 days

  • Australia: 5,000.- AUD
Dates and Booking
Online Training
Modality: L
  • Australia: 5,000.- AUD
Dates and Booking

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