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Advanced Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switching (CAT6KS)

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Who should attend

  • Channel Partner/Reseller
  • Customer


BCMSN or equivalent

Course Objectives

  • Module 1: Given a design, the learner will be able to identify the various components associated with the Enterprise Composite Model so that the design meets customer requirements.
  • Module 2: Given a network environment, the learner will be able to identify the components of the Catalyst 6500 platform that apply to that environment.
  • Module 3: Given a Catalyst 6500 installation, the learner will be able to complete initial configuration of the Catalyst 6500 Series switch.
  • Module 4: Given a customers requirements for redundancy, the learner will be able to identify the redundancy features required to meet the customer needs.
  • Module 5: Given a network design, the learner will be able to identify which Layer 2 enhancements should be used to meet the design requirements.
  • Module 6: Given a customers requirement for managing traffic, the learner will be able to identify which features to use to satisfy the requirements.
  • Module 7: Given a network design document, the learner will be able to identify the Catalyst 6500 components, features, and functions that should be included in the network design to meet the specified design goals

Course Content

The CAT6KS 2.0 curriculum enables customers to build scalable, reliable, and intelligent Data Center and Campus networks using Catalyst 6500 Series switches and replaces the CAT6KS v1.0 course with updated lab guides that work with the revised remote lab topology. CAT6KS also provides advanced switching training to supplement the BCMSN 3.0 CCNP Switching Class and provides a design-concept module focused on the Catalyst 6500 features that differentiate the Catalyst 6500 as a solution for next-generation Data Center and Campus networks.

The course outline is as follows:

  • Applying the Enterprise Composite Model
  • Describing the Campus Infrastructure Module
  • Deploying Technology in the Campus Infrastructure Module
  • Catalyst 6500 Architecture Overview
  • Configuring the Catalyst 6500 Chassis
  • Using the Cisco Power Calculator
  • Introducing the Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Modules
  • Introducing the Catalyst 6500 Line Cards
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 5 days

  • Australia: 5,000.- AUD
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 26 CLC
Dates and Booking
Online Training
Modality: L
  • Australia: 5,000.- AUD
Dates and Booking

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