A+ Essentials (N215)


Who should attend

This is the fundamental reason for Beginners in the PC support. They acquire the skills that are necessary for a high standard of performance in the PC installation and troubleshooting. This course also serves as preparation for the nuclear test ( Essentials ) for the A Certification.


You should be able to clearly answer the following questions with YES in order to draw the maximum benefit from this seminar can:

  • Know the main components of a PC and the various media , such as Diskettes and CD- ROMs ?
  • Are you familiar with Windows and Windows applications?
  • Can you create with the Windows File Manager or Explorer, directories and subdirectories ; move, copy , and rename files and directories?

Course Objectives

Entry in the PC Support acquire in this four-day, hands-on course the essential knowledge for installation and troubleshooting PC hardware of all kinds.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Computer - Theory
  • Fundamentals of electrical communication
  • Hardware components : processor , power supply , motherboard and BIOS ROM , memory , expansion buses , cables and connectors
  • Basic drives
  • Advanced drive technologies
  • Display system ( monitors , flat screen monitors , graphic cards )
  • printer
  • Portable computers
  • Connectivity and Network
  • Telecommunications : Modems and the Internet
  • Wait of the modern computer
  • Upgrading a computer ( hardware configuration )
  • Troubleshooting Techniques for Windows
  • Basic information on electricity
Online Training

Duration 3 days

Classroom Training

Duration 4 days


Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.  Enquire a date