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Cisco Active Network Abstraction (CANA)

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Who should attend

  • Network operators, network administrators, and system administrators who will be using ANA NetworkVision for network, service, and fault management;
  • System administrators and consultants who will be planning the Cisco ANA deployment, installing, and configuring the ANA software;
  • System administrators / consultants who will be configuring / customizing the Cisco ANA application to meet the specific needs of the customer


  • Basic Microsoft Windows knowledge
  • Basic network management concepts (SNMP, MIBs, etc.)
  • TCP/IP networking experience
  • Solaris/Unix system administration
  • Oracle administration
  • Basic network management concepts (SNMP, MIBs, etc.)
  • TCP/IP networking experience

Course Objectives

This 4 day course covers the following areas:

CANA - Operations - Network operators and administrators will learn about the key components of the ANA architecture and learn how to use the ANA client applications, NetworkVision and Eventvision, for network and service discovery and fault detection.

CANA - Installation & System Configuration - System administrators will learn how to deploy an ANA system. This begins with planning, understanding the hardware and software requirements, installing the ANA Units, Gateway, and ANA client software, followed by configuring the system for day-to-day operations.

CANA - Customization - System administrators and consultants will learn how to customize/extend the ANA system, using Soft Properties; configure thresholds and alarms on soft properties; use the Command Builder tool to create custom commands to automate functions, activate and configure services; and create logical flows of commands to execute a task using Workflow Editor. This course helps ANA administrators to customize their deployment to meet their specific network management needs.

Course Content

The Cisco Active Network Abstraction (CANA) course is designed to learn more about Cisco’s ANA product suite. The course consists of lecture and extensive hands-on labs.

  • Introduction to ANA
  • NetworkVision Overview (An ANA Client Application)
  • Network Visualization (Network Maps)
  • Device Visualization (Device Properties; Device Inventory Views)
  • Service Visualization (Viewing Service maps and VPNs)
  • PathTracer
  • Fault Management (Viewing tickets, alarms and events, isolating faults)
  • Introduction to ANA
  • Pre-deployment (Planning & Requirements)
  • ANA Installation (Unit, Gateway, Client, Tools)
  • System Initial Configuration (ANA Manage, User Accounts, Security, Polling Groups)
  • Post-deployment / Maintenance / Troubleshooting
  • High Availability
  • Introduction to ANA
  • ANA Internal Architecture (Information Flow)
  • ANA Manage
  • ANA Registry (Registry Editor, Golden Source, Inheritance)
  • Soft Properties (Extending the ANA System)
  • Defining Alarms and Thresholds
  • ANA Command Builder
  • ANA Workflow Editor
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 4 days

  • Australia: US$ 4,000.-
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 45 CLC
Dates and Booking
Online Training
Modality: L
  • Australia: US$ 4,000.-
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 45 CLC
Dates and Booking

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