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Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3: Administration (EVA123) - Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction to Administering Enterprise Vault
  • Enterprise Vault: Overview
  • Administering Enterprise Vault: Overview
  • Exercise A: Investigate how Enterprise Vault works for users
  • Exercise B: Explore the Enterprise Vault environment
  • Exercise C: Enabling Enterprise Vault auditing
Lesson 2: Maintaining Exchange Targets and Tasks
  • Exchange targets and tasks: Overview
  • Adding Exchange targets
  • Maintaining and monitoring required tasks
  • Archiving from an Exchange DAG
  • Exercise A: Examine the Exchange Target configuration
  • Exercise B: Maintain and monitor Exchange Tasks
Lesson 3: Managing Mailbox Archiving
  • Determining what is archived from targets
  • Applying archiving options to mailboxes
  • Exercise A: Determining the Mailbox Policies and Provisioning Groups assigned to users
  • Exercise B: Creating and maintaining Mailbox Policies
  • Exercise C: Creating and maintaining Provisioning Groups
  • Exercise D: Testing the new settings
Lesson 4: Managing Enterprise Vault Client Settings
  • Managing client settings
  • Adding new users to the Enterprise Vault environment
  • Exercise A: Managing client settings
  • Exercise B: Enabling users for archiving
Lesson 5: Managing Client Access – Outlook
  • Accessing Enterprise Vault archived items: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Outlook
  • Exercise A: Explore Outlook Enterprise Vault Add-In behavior
  • Exercise B: Customizing Outlook using Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM)
Lesson 6: Managing Client Access – Vault Cache and Virtual Vault
  • Vault Cache and Virtual Vault: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Vault Cache
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Virtual Vault
  • Exercise A: Administer Vault Cache
  • Exercise B: Enabling Vault Cache and Virtual Vault
  • Exercise C: Manage Vault Cache and Virtual Vault
Lesson 7: Managing Client Access – Office Mail App and OWA
  • Accessing Enterprise Vault archived items: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Office Mail App
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Exercise A: Investigate the Enterprise Vault Office Mail App
  • Exercise B: Apply the Enterprise Vault Office Mail App
Lesson 8: Maintaining Journal Archiving
  • Journal archiving overview
  • Monitoring journal archiving
  • Managing journal archiving
  • Exercise A: Investigating how journal archiving works
  • Exercise B: Monitoring Journal Archiving
  • Exercise C: Maintaining Journal Archiving
  • Exercise D: (Optional) Explore SMTP Journal Archiving
Lesson 9: Migrating PST Files – Introduction
  • PST migration: Overview
  • Using PST migration tools
  • Configuring PST settings
  • Exercise A: Preparing for PST migration
Lesson 10: Migrating PST Files – Performing Migrations
  • Migrating with client-driven PST migration
  • Migrating with server-driven PST migration
  • Exercise A: Using server-driven PST migration
Lesson 11: Maintaining the Enterprise Vault Environment
  • Monitoring and maintaining the Enterprise Vault server
  • Maintaining database resources
  • Updating the environment
  • Exercise A: Monitoring the Enterprise Vault environment
  • Exercise B: Maintaining database resources
Lesson 12: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Storage I
  • Archive storage overview
  • Determining current storage state and usage
  • Expanding the storage configuration
  • Exercise A: Explore Enterprise Vault storage configuration
  • Exercise B: Add storage to the Enterprise Vault environment
  • Exercise C: Determine current storage usage
Lesson 13: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Storage II
  • Maintaining storage locations
  • Modifying storage
  • Exercise A: Maintain storage components
  • Exercise B: Monitor and manage the Storage Queue
  • Exercise C: (Optional) Move an archive to a different Vault Store
Lesson 14: Managing Storage Retention and Deletion
  • Managing storage retention and expiry
  • Managing expiry and deletion
  • Working with retention categories and retention plans
  • Implementing Record Management
  • Exercise A: Examine Retention and Expiry settings
  • Exercise B: Maintain Retention and Expiry
  • Exercise C: Use Record Management
  • Exercise D: Configure Retention Folders
  • Exercise E: (Optional) Investigate single instance storage
Lesson 15: Managing Indexes
  • Index overview
  • Monitoring Indexes
  • Maintaining Indexes
  • Exercise A: Monitor and maintain indexes
  • Exercise B: Manage indexes using the Manage Indexes tool
Lesson 16: Managing Classification
  • Classification overview
  • ICE prerequisites
  • Information Classifier overview
  • Configuring ICE classification
  • Classification policies
  • Exercise A: Enable Integrated Classification Engine (ICE)
  • Exercise B: Setting up Veritas Information Classifier policies
  • Exercise C: Configure Enterprise Vault to classify items
  • Exercise D: Verify Classification functionality
  • Exercise E: Use Classification to assign Retention Categories
Lesson 17: Managing Enterprise Vault Search
  • Enterprise Vault Search overview
  • Supporting search
  • Managing archive permissions
  • Configuring user deletion and recovery
  • Exercise A: Examine and manage Enterprise Vault Search
  • Exercise B: Manage user deletions and archive access
Lesson 18: Maintaining Monitoring and Reporting
  • Managing monitoring
  • Managing reporting
  • Exercise A: Manage Enterprise Vault Reporting
  • Exercise B: Use Enterprise Vault Auditing
Lesson 19: Disaster Recovery Overview
  • Backup overview
  • Backing up Enterprise Vault components
  • Recovering Enterprise Vault
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