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Information Storage and Management Version 3 (MR-1CP-ISMV3)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Storage System
  • Introduction to information storage, virtualization, and cloud computing
  • Key data center elements
  • Compute, application, and desktop virtualization
  • Disk drive components and performance
  • RAID
  • Intelligent storage system and storage provisioning (including virtual provisioning)
Module 2: Storage Networking Technologies
  • Fibre Channel SAN components, FC protocol, and operations
  • Block level storage virtualization
  • iSCSI and FCIP as IP SAN solutions
  • Converged networking option – FCoE
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) – components, protocol, and operations
  • File level storage virtualization
  • Object-based storage and unified storage platform
Module 3: Backup, Archive, and Replication
  • Business continuity terminologies, planning, and solutions
  • Clustering and multipathing to avoid single points of failure
  • Backup and recovery – methods, targets, and topologies
  • Data deduplication and backup in a virtualized environment
  • Fixed content and data archive
  • Local replication in classic and virtual environments
  • Remote replication in classic and virtual environments
  • Three-site remote replication and continuous data protection
Module 4: Cloud Computing
  • Characteristics and benefits
  • Services and deployment models
  • Cloud infrastructure components
  • Cloud migration considerations
Module 5: Securing and Managing Storage Infrastructure
  • Security threats and countermeasures in various domains
  • Security solutions for FC SAN, IP SAN, and NAS environments
  • Security in virtualized and cloud environments
  • Monitoring and managing various information infrastructure components in classic and virtual environments
  • Information lifecycle management (ILM) and storage tiering

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes scenario-based exercises and product examples designed to provide practical experience.