Citrix App Layering and WEM Administration (CWS-314) - Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to App Layering
  • App Layering Introduction
  • Architecture and How it Works
Module 2 The OS Layer
  • Creating an OS Layer
Module 3 The Platform Layer
  • Creating a Platform Layer
Module 4 The App Layers
  • Creating App Layers
Module 5 Creating Elastic App and User Layers
  • Elastic App Layering
  • User Layers
Module 6 Deploying a Layered Image using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Using Templates in App Layering
  • Using Layered Images in a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site
Module 7 Exploring Layer Priority
  • Layer Priority
Module 8 Maintaining an App Layering Environment
  • Updating Layers
  • Maintaining and Updating the App Layering Environment
  • Common App Layering Considerations and Additional Resources
Module 9 Introduction to Workspace Environment Management (WEM)
  • Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Introduction
  • WEM Administration
Module 10 Using WEM to Centralize Environment Management
  • Managing User Resources with WEM
  • Managing Profiles with WEM
  • Managing Endpoints with the WEM Transformer Feature
Module 11 Using WEM for Performance Optimization
  • Optimizing Machine Performance with WEM
  • Optimizing User Experience with WEM
Module 12 Using WEM to Secure Environments
  • WEM Security Features
Module 13 Migrating and Upgrading WEM
  • Migrating to WEM
  • Upgrading a WEM Deployment
  • WEM Multi-Location Considerations