Business & IT Convergence - Understand & Believe Evolution of the Data Center (BIC-UB-EOD)

Detailed Course Outline

Customer Care-Abouts in Data Centers
  • The role of a modern data center
  • The relevance of applications
  • Understand the DC landscape
  • Navigating the DC buying center
Changing Application Environments
  • Drivers for application change
  • Understanding application lifecycle challenges
  • The need for application portability
  • Cloud fundamentals and challenges
  • Understanding, uncovering and developing customer application needs
Drivers for Integrated Stacks & Virtualization
  • The value of integrated stacks & ecosystems
  • The value and limitation of virtualization
  • Understanding the Cisco DC portfolio and strategy
Identifying & Capturing Data Center Opportunities
  • The need for going beyond TCO
  • Understand how applications are leading data center-sales
  • Building value and generate business benefits